Manuals wlan

Before you can use our wireless network, you have to configure your device. Download the file fitting to your device and execute it.

For the "eduroam" network, the DFN-Verein offers a tool for an automatic configuration. You can download it under the following link: note, you have to add "" to your username(for example ""), if you have a UniAccount of TU Dortmund. Members of other universities require other endings and maybe other configurations. Please use your WLAN-Passwort as password.


Never disable the certificate check when logging into our wifi!
If a certificate error occurs when connecting to our wifi, do not ignore it and do not connect to this wifi!
During the login to "eduroam" we do not ask for your UniAccount on any website!

For Android devices also note the following link from the DFN-Verein!


Configuration for Laptops
Operating System Software from
Windows 7/ 8/ 10 Configuration 25.07.2018
Ubuntu Configuration 18.01.2018
Linux with WPA Supplicant Configuration 07.02.2018
Apple MacIntosh Mavericks (10.9) + Configuration 04.01.2018


Configuration of mobile devices(Smartphones, Tablets)
Operating System Software from
iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch Configuration 04.01.2018
Android 6 Configuration 25.07.2018
Android 7+ Configuration 17.01.2018