Konzept Gastzugang

Descritption of the service

The guest access of the Wifi network is intended to provide guests of the university who cannot use eduroam with the opportunity to access the Internet via the Wifi network of the ITMC.

This enables them to read their e-mails or access websites, for example.
Access to the university network is blocked, with the exception of the websites of the Technical University of Dortmund.
Each guest access has a time-limited period of use and requires authentication by the guest.
The guest's use is independent of the operating system of the end device and only requires an Internet browser. In order to keep the technical requirements for the use as low as possible, an unencrypted transmission of the data takes place. Any desired encryption must therefore take place directly between the two end devices of a data transmission.

Access description

In order to use TU-Gast, a connection to the TU-Gast network must first be established. As soon as an attempt is made to call up a web page, the login page for the guest network is automatically called up. There, user name and password have to be entered in order to activate the access for TU-Gast.

Allocation of the access identifiers

The identifiers (user name, password, expiration date) for the authentication of the guest can be assigned and administered by the employees ("administrators") of TU Dortmund University. A corresponding access to these administration functions is provided in the personal ServicePortal of the TU Dortmund. Alternatively, direct access via https://guestmanager.itmc.tu-dortmund.de/ can be selected.


Terms of use for granting guest access (Rules for the "Administrators of TU")

By generating a guest account, employees commit to,




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