Manual guest access

You need a valid guest account, given to you by an employee of your chair or faculty, to build a connection to the internet over the TU-Gast network.
Furthermore guest accounts are time limited.

To connect to the "TU-Gast" network, you must complete the following steps.

1. Connect to the "TU-GAST" network that is displayed in your Wi-Fi connections.

2. If the connection is successful, open your browser. There you will find a link to the login page, or on many systems the login page of the "TU-Gast" network will be displayed automatically.

3. If the login page does not appear automatically, you can access it by clicking "Open network login page" as shown in the photo.

4. Now enter the provided username and password into the login screen and press "Login".

5. Confirm the terms and conditions.

6. The successful connection to the "TU Guest" network is confirmed by the portal. The connection to the network is now made automatically by your operating system when the network is in range.



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