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Warning from July 26, 2023 - IT security

Spam mails with the MKW as the supposed sender are currently circulating

Due to current indications, we would like to warn at this point against spam mails that supposedly come from the Ministry of Culture and Science (MKW) and concern a query from the ministry regarding a small inquiry from 2018. The genuine mail content from past communication activities contained therein appears authentic at first glance and could lead one to classify the emails as trustworthy.

The sender email addresses named in the spam emails have already been blocked by the SIC of the ITMC in the meantime. Nevertheless, experience shows that such spam e-mails can still be expected in different variants, e.g. with new senders.

What should be considered?

  • Please handle incoming e-mails with care, as is usual in cases of suspected spam, do not open any attachments and do not click on any links.
  • Do not be afraid to contact the sender by telephone if something seems strange to you, especially in the case of links or attachments in e-mails that you are not expecting.
  • If you do click on such a link, disconnect your computer from the network and contact the ITMC's Security Information Center.
  • In case of doubt, please contact the Security Information Center (SIC) or the Service Desk.
  • Help us to optimize our filtering rules for spam and phishing without much effort with one click. Read more about this at

You can find more practical tips for recognizing and warding off suspicious mails in our web area under Sicher unterwegs im Uni-Netz.

Likewise, take advantage of our flexible online IT security training option to practice your IT security skills.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at