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LimeSurvey is an open source tool for online surveys. Online surveys offer the chance to collect empirical data efficiently and without additional printing costs. They are suitable for use in courses, in research projects and for Bachelor's or Master's theses.

With LimeSurvey, you can develop and publish online surveys and record the results in a database without any programming knowledge. More than 30 different question types are available. The questionnaire can be controlled both linearly and answer-dependent. The data collected can be analysed descriptively in LimeSurvey and output in suitable file formats, e.g. for Excel or SPSS for further analysis.

LimeSurvey is hosted on TU Dortmund University servers and can be used free of charge by all TU members with a UniAccount. Members of the TU can apply for temporary access for guests using the e-learning account application form.

It is not suitable for the creation of paper questionnaires.

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