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EvaExam Scan

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It is currently not possible to export the question library in CSV format. We are working on a solution together with the manufacturer.

EvaExam is an examination system for both online and paper examinations. You can switch between the two formats.

Scan/paper exams can be created in the online editor, printed out as a PDF and automatically analysed via the scanning process. The printout is ordered via the order portal of the central printing center (Chemistry Building C2-02-501). The examination forms are usually completed within 1-2 working days. The printed examination papers are then ready for collection. After the examination has been carried out, the examination forms are scanned via the central scanning centre (Chemistry Building C2-02-502) and made available in the examiner account. The scan results must then be verified. Closed questions are evaluated automatically, open questions are then evaluated manually if configured accordingly. Points can be awarded from different EvaExam accounts. The examination can be viewed and archived via automatically generated individual and overall reports. For sustainable exam organisation, questions can be saved in question libraries and reused in further exams. Scan exams combine the advantages of face-to-face exams with the benefits of automated evaluation for large exam cohorts.

Lecturers receive access to EvaExam via service.itmc@tu-dortmund.de. Students enter their name and matriculation number on the paper forms for later assignment.

Examinations with EvaExam are registered in accordance with the regulations of the faculties, study regulations, etc., i.e. registration in the examination administration, entry in BOSS, etc. Scan exams are also requested in the service portal to facilitate smooth implementation. The application is made via the Scan exams application.

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