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The ITMC offers a central backup of the examination courses after the end of the examination phase.

In addition to the Moodle learning management system (LMS) at TU Dortmund University, the examination Moodle is an independent instance that focuses exclusively on examination-related functions. The students in the examination courses can either be synchronized with the examination management system (BOSS) or managed manually. Exam Moodle offers extensive options for creating open and closed questions, entering text and uploading files. The examination tasks can be enriched with media such as short videos, images and audios. Closed questions are evaluated automatically, open questions are then evaluated manually. The assessment can be carried out by different people. Individual and overall reports can be created for viewing and archiving. Students can also view the examination results online in the system. For sustainable exam organization, questions can be saved in question collections and reused in other courses.

Teachers and students can access the examination courses by logging in with their university account (SSO, UA-Ruhr). External accounts and test accounts can be requested by lecturers in the service portal.

Teachers cannot create new courses themselves. There are two ways to access an exam course. BOSS-synchronized exam courses are created automatically when you report the exam to the exam administration as a Moodle-BOSS exam. The courses are created automatically and promptly in Exam Moodle. The registered teachers then receive a confirmation email: The ITMC creates manual courses for you if you select in the registration form for digital examinations or room booking system that the examination is not BOSS-synchronized: this signals to the ITMC that a manual course is required. The course is created promptly and the person submitting the request is informed.

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