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As part of a pilot phase, pen tablets can be requested for examination tasks in the e-exam room. The pen tablets enable students to solve simple sketches, diagrams or calculations digitally by hand. The examination tasks can be created using the free drawing question type in ExamMoodle.

Since summer 2022, TU Dortmund University has had a central e-exam room for all faculties.
The e-examination room is particularly suitable for medium-sized examination cohorts and can also be used multiple times for larger cohorts.
Internet access at the examination stations is limited. The lecturer's desk has free internet access as well as HDMI and LAN connections for an additional lecturer's device. 
The organizational procedure for the examination is carried out in accordance with the regulations of the faculties and degree programmes (registration for examination administration, entry in BOSS, etc.). In addition, please inform the e-examination room team in your own room booking system when and how many students you would like to examine using which examination system.
The ITMC offers advice in advance, prepares the room and technology on the day of the exam and provides on-site support during the exam. This leaves you with more resources to organize the exam and to carry out admission control and exam supervision on the day of the exam. Three invigilators are recommended for a fully occupied room. In principle, all aids that examiners consider useful are permitted in the room.

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  • 78 examination places (incl. 3 barrier-free)
  • headsets
  • ExamMoodle/EvaExam Online
  • teachers's desk
  • projector & microphone
  • visual protection
  • shelves for bags & jackets

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