Radio networks of TU Dortmund

Radio network

Security Protocoll


eduroam WPA2 Members of TU Dortmund and other universities
TU-GAST None Others



"eduroam" is the standard access for all members of TU Dortmund. Furthermore "eduroam" provides employees and students of  participatory universities and other organisations internet access around the world at places of every participating institution using their own username and password. The only requirement is that the home institution of the guest participates at eduroam. Manuals can be found here.


"TU-Gast" is for guests of TU Dortmund who can not use "eduroam". This network is unencrypted and guests have to be activated in a specific database by a member of TU Dortmund. Contact the Service Desk of ITMC for more information. 



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