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It is currently not possible to export the question library as a .csv file. We are working on a solution together with the manufacturer.

EvaExam is an examination system for both online and paper examinations. You can switch between the two formats.

Online exams can be created in the online editor and converted into a digital exam.

Online exams with EvaExam can be written @home or in the e-examination room. Individual TAN numbers are generated via the participant import, which students can use to access the exam with their name and matriculation number. Closed questions are evaluated automatically, open questions must then be evaluated manually online. Points can be awarded by different EvaExam accounts. The examination can be viewed and archived via automatically generated individual and overall reports. A question library can be set up for sustainable exam organisation and questions created once can be reused in further exams. EvaExam online exams are particularly suitable for text-based exam sheets that can be enriched with images.

Lecturers get access to EvaExam via service.itmc@tu-dortmund.de. Students access their exams via TAN numbers. The TAN numbers can be sent in advance by e-mail from EvaExam or distributed on site via printable table cards.

Examinations with EvaExam are registered in accordance with the regulations of the faculties, study regulations, etc., i.e. registration in the examination administration, entry in BOSS, etc. In addition, digital examinations should be registered with the ITMC to ensure that they can be carried out on the day of the examination using the registration form for digital examinations. Examinations that take place in the e-examination room are requested via the room booking system and do not require any additional notification in the registration form.

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