Doppelpfeil mit Vorhängeschloss

The ITMC provides secured access to the intranet of TU Dortmund via VPN (Virtual Private Network).

VPN allows users worldwide to access intranet services of TU Dortmund which are otherwise only accessible on campus.


Various instructions on how to install and configure vpn on your device. [more...]


Download links for vpn software and profiles. [more ...]

Access requirements

Necessary prerequisites for using vpn services of the TU Dortmund. [more...]

Traffic data storage

The TU Dortmund stores traffic data like your IP address or your username for a certain period to provide quality assurance. [more..]


The TU Dortmund provides vpn access working with a common web browser for older devices. [more...]

Internal VPN services

Manuals and profiles for using the internal vpn of the TU Dortmund. Only accessible by employees of the TU Dortmund. [more...]