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Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing system that you can use with your UniAccount. It is suitable for holding meetings, workshops, seminars and lectures as well as for supporting learning groups and project work. With Zoom you can work together cooperatively, collect ideas synchronously, distribute tasks, ask activating questions and much more. Zoom conferences can be recorded and edited locally, subtitles are possible.

Zoom meeting

Zoom meetings are best suited to interactive seminars, lectures and meetings for up to 300 people. For group work, you can distribute participants to different breakout rooms to enable collaborative learning. You can share your screen, your presentations or an integrated whiteboard and create notes together. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions in the chat, which you can then integrate into your event. Prior registration is not normally required, but can be requested as an option. In order to use the full range of functions, the corresponding settings must be made in the client or in the Zoom web interface. End-to-end encryption is possible when using the Zoom client. Data protection and security requirements are guaranteed. This is particularly useful and important when it comes to sensitive call content. However, the full range of functions is then not available.

You can use Zoom meetings with your UniAccount and they can also be initiated directly from Moodle.

Zoom webinars

You can use Zoom webinars for larger online events with up to 1000 participants. Webinar functions include registration, polls, questions and answers, registration to speak and chat. In Zoom webinars, there are clear distinctions between the hosts of a webinar (usually lecturers) and participants. Communication is normally one-way.

With Zoom webinars, you can easily reproduce and conduct a classic lecture with a "question & answer" function.

Webinars usually require prior registration so that you have complete control over who can participate.

Only a limited number of licenses are available for Zoom webinars. To obtain temporary access, please contact service.itmc@tu-dortmund.de

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