Please note that you need an extra password to use the TU Dortmund's wireless networks. In case you do not have an extra password for the wireless networks or you forgot yours, you can create a new password on this page:

change wifi password


Manual Android 13



Never disable the certificate check when logging into our wifi!
If a certificate error occurs when connecting to our wifi, do not ignore it and do not connect to this wifi!
During the login to ""eduroam" we do not ask for your UniAccount on any website!


The following description is based on screenshots of the smartphobe "Samsung Galaxy S21". The menu displays are slightly different on the device type / manufacturer.

  1. The configuration of the eduroam wireless network is done via the system App "Settings", there you first check if the "Wifi" is switched on. If not, then the Wifi-Slider must be set to "ON". Now all availabal networks are displayd. Now select "eduroam" from the list.
  2.  The following settings are expected for eduroam configuration:
    • ​​​​​Security: WPA / WPA2-Enterprise
    • EAP-Method: PEAP
    • Identity: Your Uni-Account (Wie lautet mein Uni-Account?) with the Suffix (Example:
    • Password: WLAN-Password
    • CA-Certificate: Systemcertificate use
    • Online-Certificate: Not confirmed
    • Domain:​​​​​​

  3. After providing the above information, press the "Connect / Safe" button. The successful connection will be displayed.
    •  ​​​​​​​




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