Please note that you need an extra password to use the TU Dortmund's wireless networks. In case you do not have an extra password for the wireless networks or you forgot yours, you can create a new password on this page:

change wifi password


Manual Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


Connect to "ITMC-GAST" to download the T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2 certificate from . 


  1. Make sure the network manager and driver of your wifi-interface are installed cor.

  2. Connect to ITMC-WPA2 or eduroam.

    Networkmanager, angezeigt werden Funknetze

  3. Enter the following parameters in the authorisation window:

    Legitimierung: Geschütztes EAP (PEAP)
    Anonyme Identität: telesec (for the eduroam network type in "" instead)
    CA-Zertifikat: telesec.crt
    Innere Legitimierung: MSCHAPv2
    Benutzername is the username of your UniAccount (for the eduroam network you have to add "" to your username) and Passwort is the password for the wifi.
    Which username and password should i use?

    Afterwards  "Verbinden".

    For ITMC-WPA2:

    Passwortgeschütztes Funknetzwerk

    For eduroam:


  4. The connection should be established now.

    Verbindung hergestellt