Functional Mailbox

Password for Functional Mailbox

To change the password for a functional mailbox, you must enter the user ID on the mail server (account) in the following form. Please remember to inform the other users of the mailbox of the new password. If the user ID is authorised for other services, this password change has no effect on these services.

Note: It may take up to 15 minutes for the passwords to be updated in all connected systems.

Policies for the new password

  1. Minimum 8 signs, maximum 14!

  2. Legal signs: capital and small letters, numbers and the following special signs !_-

  3. Illegal signs are German umlauts and other national letters.

  4. Minimum one small letter, one capital letter and one number.

  5. It isn't allowed to start with a special sign or the equal sign (i.e. aaa).

  6. The first three characters of the password may not appear in same order as in your UniAccount.

  7. The new password isn't allowed to be identical to your UniAccount (even read backwards!).

  8. The new password isn't allowed to be identical to your old password.

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