Manual MacOS X


  1. Download the PulseSecure VPN Client from our download area.
  2. Start the installation of the client and follow the instructions.
    (if you get a notification about the installation being blocked you can follow our instructions here .)


Start the application.

Click the +-symbol on the bottom left side of the windows to start the setup of a new connection.

Add the following parameters below "Verbindung hHinzufügen":

  • Typ: Policy Secure (UAC) oder Connect Secure (VPN)
  • Name: TU Dortmund
  • Server-URL:

Click "Hinzufügen" to save the connection.

Click "Verbindung herstellen" to establish a connection.

Type in your login details and click "Verbinden".

Which username and password should i use?



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