Manual Linux

We recommend using the openconnect package, which is integrated in the network manager in many distributions

VPN via Konsole

  1. Start the console.
  2. Install the package "openconnect" (on debian-based Linux-Distributions with sudo apt-get install openconnect)

  3. To establish a connection use the following command :
    sudo openconnect --juniper

  4. Then type in your university account and password.

  5. Press Ctrl + C to close the application and the connection.


Using openconnect with the network manager (example: ubuntu 17.10)

Please note that Ubuntu 16.04 does not support open connect for pulse secure.


  1. Start the console.
  2. Install the packages "openconnect", "network-manager-openconnect" and"network-manager-openconnect-gnome" with the following commands:

    sudo apt-get install openconnect network-manager-openconnect network-manager-openconnect-gnome

  3. Use the following command to restart the network manager:

    sudo service network-manager restart


Open the network manager and click VPN  and then "VPN-Einstellungen". 

Click the +-symbol to the right of "VPN".

Choose "Zu Cisco Anyconnect kompatible VPN-Verbindung (openconnect)".

Add the following parameters below "VPN hinzufügen":

  • Name: VPN TU Dortmund
  • VPN-Protokoll: Juniper/Pulse-Netzwerkverbindung
  • Server-URL:

Click "Hinzufügen" to save the connection.

Now you can press "Verbinden" on the network manager and establish a VPN-connection after typing in your login details.

Which username and password should i use?



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