Moodle is the central learning platform of TU Dortmund University, which enables the provision of learning materials, the organization of teaching and learning as well as communication and cooperation between students and lecturers as well as between students themselves.

Moodle supports a wide range of communication channels, various options for file exchange, the creation of interactive learning opportunities, the submission and assessment of assignments, the creation of surveys and online learning progress checks.

You can create a Moodle course for your course in order to use the various activities and functionalities in a targeted manner. There are two ways to do this: manually and via LSF linking. If the course is created via the LSF campus management system, the students registered in LSF are automatically transferred to the Moodle course.

Students can also create their own courses - for learning groups, to manage and document their studies, for project work, etc.

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  • We offer regular introductions to Moodle.
  • You can also arrange further workshops on the use of Moodle for your team with the DLL@ITMC team. Minimum number of participants: 6 persons

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