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TU Dortmund University provides its members with their own mailbox and email address as part of its UniMail service.

This service is intended to achieve several objectives. The University would like to increasingly distribute information electronically and thus use the advantages of this medium. This requires that all members of TU Dortmund University have a mailbox and that this is known to the University. At the same time, the University hopes that by means of a uniform email address in the sense of corporate identity, when many University members use their email, they will at the same time publicize the name of the university.

In addition, the UniMail service offers additional functions, such as web-based access to the mailbox via a webmailer, setting up filter rules, and automatically scanning incoming and outgoing mail for viruses and spam.


To use UniMail, you must first activate your mailbox via a web interface. This is done within the framework of the activation of the UniAccount. [more...]

Important! Even if as an employee you will use the TU Dortmund University Exchange, you first must activate your UniAccount.


FAQSie erhalten Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen zu UniMail und Postserver.

Regulation regarding the automatic  forwarding of emails

Automatic forwarding from official e-mail mailboxes of TU Dortmund University to external mailboxes is not permitted. [more only in German...]