Certificate Replacement

The university networks uses the Telesec GlobalRoot Class 2 - certificate since 01. October 2018

So far the university network used Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2, which expires on 09. Juli 2019. 

The replacement for the Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2 certificate is the T-Telesec GlobalRoot Class 2 certificate, which is expires on 09. Oktober 2033.

The current wifi profiles already use the T-Telesec GlobalRoot Class 2 certificate and are available on the serviceportal under the following link:

Manuals WLAN


Why do we need a certificate?

A network verifies username and password of a user through a radius-server.

To prevent sending this data to untrustworthy authentification servers, the client verifies the trustworthiness of the radius-server by means of the certificate.



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