Important Notes:

Since August 2023, cards have been issued at the ITMC Service Desk.

Due to legal agreements, we are unfortunately still not allowed to send UniCards by mail. For the same reason, collection by third parties is also not possible.

UniCards are now only manufactured without certificates. The chips therefore no longer have any function.
Alternatively, you can download personal certificates from the ServicePortal.

Card Issuance

UniCard-Issuing Office

Otto-Hahn-Str. 12 (Campus Nord), Raum E.037 Approach

Tel.: 0231/755-2444, 

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm
Please note the latest News and Warnings from the ITMC. Temporary changes in opening hours may be indicated there.