developer-verification MacOS

Because of a security-update the developer "Pulse Secure LLC" must be verified when installing the Pulse-Secure-Client.

When installing Pulse Secure the following window opens:

In order to solve the problem please follow these steps:

  1. Go to System Preferences => Security => General in order to allow "Pulse Secure LLC" access to your system.

    First click the lock in the left corner.
  2. Afterwards you are asked for the access data of your device.
    Please type in your data.
  3. After typing in your data you can allow "loading the system software of the developer "Pulse Secure"".
  4. Afterwards you have to allow for the Pulse Secure Client to have access to your system preferences.

  5. Then you can continue with the configuration of the Pulse-Secure-Client here.



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