Please note that you need an extra password to use the TU Dortmund's wireless networks. In case you do not have an extra password for the wireless networks or you forgot yours, you can create a new password on this page:

change wifi password

Manual Apple Macintosh Leopard 10.5 und 10.6


  1. Activate Airport in your taskbar and choose "ITMC-WPA2" from the list of available networks.


  2. Enter your UniAccount's username and username and your wifi password as password. 
    Which username and password should I use?


  3. Click on "always allow" to save your credentials.


    eingeklapptes Zertifikatsfenster

  4. Click on "display certificate" and switch the list item to "always trust". Click on "ok".
    How do I import a certificate on Mac OS X?

    ausgeklapptes Zertifikatsfenster